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Inspiration: Khyzyl Saleem’s Race Car Dreams
November 17, 2016, 08:17
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via Inspiration: Khyzyl Saleem’s Race Car Dreams —

3D Pen
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This Is What Happens When You Make A Car Replica With A 3D Pen


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What do the following terms stand for?
1. RGB

c. Red, Green, Blue


b. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK

3. HSB

b. Hue, Saturation, Brightness

4. Which of the following color modes is used only for print output?


5. PANTONE colors are….

a. Process colors

6. If you are creating an illustration for print and web output, why might you need
two versions?

b. Print and web require different color modes.

7. The Illustrator color palette has ______ sliders to adjust a CMYK color.
c. 4

8. The computer screen displays color in c. HSB

9. Color inkjet and laser printers print in b. CMYK

10. Images for the web should be in a. RGB

11. Determining the correct resolution for scanning depends on:

b. The end-use of the image

12. If you intend to enlarge the image after scanning, you should scan at a higher
resolution than if you don’t intend to enlarge it.
a. YES

13. Enlarging the image after you scan it will not affect the image quality.


Fill in the blank with the correct term:


14. Adobe Illustrator is a a. Vector application.

15. Adobe Photoshop is a b. Raster application.

16. In a a. Vector application, objects know where their boundaries are.

17. Resolution matters in a b. Raster application.

18. b. Raster applications are used to manipulate photographic images.

19. Which of the following uses of layers is essential in Illustrator?

b. Selection ̶ it is nearly impossible to select paths in Illustrator without each path having
its own layer

20. Why do layers play a very different role in Illustrator than they do in Photoshop?

b. Vector objects are much easier to select than Photoshop raster artwork.

21. The Convert Anchor tool can be used to do what?

b. Convert a straight angle anchor to a curved anchor

22. 72 point type is bigger than 10 point type.

a. YES

23. To add more space between lines of type, one should adjust the

b. Leading

24. The file extension for the native illustrator file format is:

b) .ai

25. Which file type supports animation on the web?

c. .gif

Help me sell my TRUCK!!!
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Time to let go my truck!  Please contact me if anyone is interested.


Stop Motion Animations
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9-4-12 Homework
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